Hier findet ihr eine Geschichte von Eduard. Das spannende an dieser Geschichte? Sie ist noch nicht zu Ende!

In regelmäßigen Abständen werden WIR euch mit Fortsetzungen versorgen. Nun aber erstmal viel Spaß beim Schmökern!

“Nobody knows which secrets the high ones have. Not even their governing puppets.”

Chapter 1: Missions stop coming

Its not the first journey I make on the Swallowed Rocks”, the ship Im working on. Im just one of thousands of sailors, navigating through the dark void called universe”. We dont really have a point B for arrival; we neither have a point A as a start. We just see where, and also when, we meet other sailors and exchange information. Information is in this time the most precious treasure you can find so far away from home. We find information on stars, which are very rare, very small and radiate a weak blue light. I think neutron star is the right word for them. There you find 60 whole Yutta, about 936 trillion Petabyte information. They are made of condensed neutron plasma, which means, that they can store a lot of more information on much smaller space. We send this information, or 70% of what we have found on the star, to the so called Monopol” in exchange for food, new tools, news and big information. This is information about humans and their way of thinking and feeling. You should also know that sailors arent humans; they are reproducts, clones of humans that are rather similar to robots. In other words, we are machines made of living cells. We havent got feelings like happiness” or pain”, just an algorithm, sensors made of nerves and lots of software full with moral. We never get information about ourselves, our past, or our hardware. Were used as gathering tools, which are looking for truth about life” and happiness”.


On one day, we got the coordinates for the next mission. The only strange thing was that our navigation tools didnt detect any star in that region. There was a high frequency magnetic wave, but it was charged positive. Stars are charged negative.

Have a look at this!”, Frey called out, Monopol suddenly interrupted the message. No, it changes the coordinates! It starts deleting the message!”

That cant be. How would you delete a message sent with tachyons? These are tiny little particles, which travel faster than light in space time. How could they have been destroyed? And if it should be so, they couldnt find their way to our communication system. Youre just tired and cant think accurate.”


Youre right. It could also have been one of the lots of inter universes, which radiate the background radiation, which weve maybe captured as the main signal. But the receiver cant be controlled by these tachyons or by any other signals. It is an analogue machine, just memorizing information and receiving tachyons, so that it is impossible to delete the message from the mission protocol. Why was the message then deleted?”

I dont know but we have no time to think about it. Now, what are the new coordinates?”

663.74; 274.874; 1427.7789. Monopol is now at 552.74; 774.93; 2901.66637.”

Did you also remember the old ones? Just for protocol.”

234.747; 938. That was all I could see until it was interrupted.”

Thats funny! Can it be, that it goes on with 9385.52; 3462.95778? Thats the first coordinate in the system! We have received the coordinates from the past!”


After 5 hours space and time traveling in the double spinned positron-tachyon shield we finally reached the star MID253, the destination of the mission. It was one of the smallest neutron stars Ive ever seen. It had a weak, blue shine, but a very high quantum fluctuation at the poles. After weve connected our engines and decoders to the meridian for the energy transition, the computer started memorizing the quantum code of the matter. We started the procedure for the absorption of a neutron star. In this time, I had a strange result at the self analyze, which has to be protocolled every hour. I had something, that humans would call sadness”, but I dont know the cause for it. Maybe the analyze was affected by a program failure. That can happen all the time.


After half of the star was absorbed, we couldnt risk an implosion, so that we added the energy weve already absorbed and exchanged the outer parts with the inner core. Through this procedure we get the older information, founded deeper in the star. We also get enough energy for navigating through space.


It took some 5 hours more for decoding the quantum code of the inner core of the star and for the transmitting of data to Monopol. Now, theres nothing more to do for us, so that I looked over the accumulated information in the system. The star saw, how humanity evolved from the first satellites to this complex machineries and how even other civilizations passed first with huge spaceships, returning with a whole fleet but then returning with even larger battle fleets and fighting against each other. This is also the future of the irrational humans, living spread all over the galaxy. Theyll find an other species one day, trade with them goods, until one side will declare war and most of them die. At the end, there wont be almost nothing from both species and they die out. This is also the process, which the star has seen. It is a random procedure in biology, I think.

For the next week, we havent received anything from Monopol. No new mission, no food, no information. Why?

I wanted to know why. This would humans call curiosity”. Thats why they have come such far with their technology, they always want to know more and learn. Maybe it is a characteristic of intelligent life to be curious and because Im just a copy of it, I also want to know. This could be a gap in our function.

Anyway, we still had another problem to solve. How could we get food? And also how could we get more big information?

The others have to have space stations, but we dont have any idea where.”


We neither have any map of this part of the galaxy.”

Also right.”

The only things we have are some Yutta data and older Coordinates. If we could see Monopol on the data weve received from the star, we could not identify Monopol because we dont know how it looks like”

Ive got no intervention.”

Frey, send messages to Monopol, in which you ask for their help. Hardin and Karri, you overfly all the information we have and sort it. There has to be something we can do!”

Suddenly, the engines fell out and all went dark.

Chapter 2: Not to forget what we already have received

There was only the weak red light on the floor and the shiny star. All was still dark. We set our flashes on and start checking the computer.

The System has turned down. It will take some 12 hours until the ship cools down and some 6 hour until our oxygen resources will be just in the outer space bottles. What should we do Garold?

James and Lard go down in the engine room and check it for some unusual signs. Try to repair the engines. Frey, Hardin and Karri, you try to fix the computer. I will analyze the situation and think for the next step.”

When I reached my chamber, I fell in the sofa for my thinking process. I connected my brain to the local database of chamber 01, which recognized it instantly.

How can I help you?” a gentle feminine voice sounds in my head.

The main machines are disabled and we dont have enough time for repairing the whole system. Are the salvation capsules ready to start?”

Three of you can escape. You are 6. This speaks against our morality and loyalty commands. You cannot do this. You arent allowed.”

You remember the last main command in robotics?”

“‘A robot has to secure its own existence, if it doesnt deal with the first two commands.’ But your mission was to collect information and fly around the system. You are a sailor. Not a human. Youve got instructions.”

Yes, but if we dont get away, we will die of coldness. Then, if we follow the mission rules, we die, so that we cant complete it. But if we get away from here, and survive, we can complete other missions, so that it isnt against the main command. We secure our own existence for serving the needs of humanity. Thats logical and moral.”

Yes, I agree.”

The big question is now: Who should escape the death?”

Well, you, as captain, your best and strongest engine worker and your most efficient computer worker and data gatherer.”

But what about Karri, Lard and Frey? Is the only thing they can do remaining on the sinking ship?”

You speak like a human being! Thats not right! They should die for caring out their mission! Thats the only logical way!”

I never thought about this, but I really speak like a human would do. What causes this event? I guess the DNA has to do something with it. Even if we arent humans, they were our closest relative, before most of them died out because of a disaster in their robotics system. The only humans that survived are at Monopol, giving us all the commands. Well, thats how I think that all happened. Why should man use a biological robot, which can get old, can get tired, has to be feeded and navigate a ship, which uses a lot of energy and steel at the production? Why shouldnt man use a steel robot, which can have every shape it wants, is made of the strongest titanium, never gets tired until the pure energy supplies are empty and can be shut off? There had to be a conflict between steel robots and living individuals.

I didnt really noticed, that the gravity leaked out and almost everything in the room started to hover. Without any reserve of power from the accumulator, the outer gravitation ring stopped spinning and our shields shut down. In this moment, it started getting colder and colder. The time was running out.

I got my spacesuit on and swam through the dark ship to the front bridge.

Theres no escape, captain. The engines failed at least. The outer ring has energy lost and now, there are approximately 3 hours for us to live. Thats far less we have expected.”

But what about the stored energy from the star?” asked Hardon Why couldnt that power our ship?”

Its lost.

Why? How?, all cry out.”

The accumulator is cut of, James said absently by looking out of one window.”

There, a huge metal wrack was flying towards the blue star, getting faster and faster.

James, Hardin, get your spacesuits and go to the salvation capsules. Karri, Frey and Lard, you stay here.”

You should be saved for completing the mission. We stay here, Lard said in a monotone way.”

Somehow, I wished I could just stay, but that was illogical. I should survive, thats my mission, the aim of our existence!

As we reached the salvation capsules, the temperature fell by approximately 10 degree. It wasnt too bad in our spacesuits, but Karri, Frey and Lard started vibrating and their nose became red. The capsules were thought only for one person, with a refrigerator bed. This is a small chamber, filled with a special liquid, which cools down your body for a long journey, so that you dont consume a lot of food and dont have a sense of time in it. This liquid makes you fall asleep, until somebody gets you out of there. For the food and air supply, theres a mask in the outer case.


The only problem of these capsules is, that they can just be sent into space, without any arriving point, just flying around between the void, but for 10 years. It would be too dangerous, if someone finds us, they would have to cut the dead body parts off. Some parts will die because of the cosmic radiation and the low use of the muscles. Its a combination of both.

So we need a point in space to turn the ship to and fire the capsules on. Most ships have got some maps of the galaxy and their navigation is far better than ours, so that they can see where the nearest stations are. We have the coordinates of Monopol, but it changes every time we get a new mission, so that 6 days after weve received the coordinates of Monopol, it has to be somewhere else.


Its too dangerous out there without coordinates, but I dont think that Monopol changes its position so fast in such a short time, Lard said. We could send you to the latest received position, after my theory.”

Youre right, it doesnt change its coordinates such fast, these are other ships or planets or maybe even cities we send our information! I never thought about that.”

But its too far! There are 2000 light years between us. We arent able to get there in ten years without the shield. The capsules are too slow.”

The only logical possibility is to fly around and wait for salvation.”

Thats just the second one.”


I swam to the old data box on the right wall of the main floor, some 100 meters to the left of the capsules, and wrote down the first coordinates which have been recorded.

This is the right position. Maybe not from Monopol, but from the factory of the Swallowed Rocks.”

Nobody said something or moved. That means: system failure.

I think that the ship has recorded the very first coordinates it has received. 


For the quality test, a ship always receives the fabrication position, so that the first mission can be shown as completed. Through this procedure the computer and navigation system are tested for complete efficiency.”

That makes sense. We send you to the fabrication point. It shouldnt be a great problem, because factories are mostly near a static sun, which means that it should be still there. Problem solved!”

We all went to our navigation systems and tipped the coordinates in. Self-analysis before departure: sadness” again. Maybe I should reboot my hard and software while Im asleep. I noticed that Lard went white and started vibrating violently. It got to -2 degree here inside. The time of departure came.

We got into the refrigerator beds and put on the masks. I felt a soft shake and started the reboot. Now, humans would feel hope”. I got confused with a feeling of liberty”.